Romania Professional Photographer

I always thought I had to offer something different, as a professional photographer. It’s true, I can’t reinvent the wheel from, but there are many professional photographers doing the same photos in a standard that could bore some viewers. As I would be just a simple copycat, I chose to see and take pictures in my own way. My vision is documentary, so I can use the details I see and especially unseen ones from the locations where I photograph. I like to tell stories, and to finish what I have chosen to do.

This Is Me

I’m Rares Ion, and you probably know me as a wedding photographer. I am the follower of minimalism, of simple things, of symmetry and balance, and I like to think that I always find solutions. My career has been around for years in the media, telecommunication and banking. Since 2011, I have chosen to become a professional photographer and offer genuine professional photo services. Imagine Foto appeared in 2013 as a result of my vision in commercial photography. I do not have a team, I do not promise what I can not do. Sometimes my wife, who is a family photographer in Cluj, is photographing with me and she is doing it since 2012. I live in Cluj, but I have been traveling for a long time in Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara, Craiova and even in other countries. I’ve never been late. I think that the time when a local photographer was chosen is long gone, because of the vision, the talent and the recommendations received, as well as the cheap and easy transportation of the present. I think that a few years ago, a plane trip to Bucharest cost 900 lei and is now under 200, and the travel time even dropped using 4 wheels.

Photography Approach

As a professional photographer, I take corporate photos, small and medium business photos, photos at conferences and presentations as well as concert photos and dedicated photo sessions. I like the events of different sizes, the dynamics and the complexity of the details they can surprise. Lately, I’ve also approached my culinary picture in my studio or client. As I said above, I find solutions for any approach. The style of photography is relaxed, respecting the thread of the event and the ambient light that the customer chose without disturbing (in most situations) with external light sources. These details give my photos an authentic and natural air.

Photographic Projects Consulting

For any project I participate in, I offer advice and suggestions to get the best result. We talk about light, suitable hours to photograph, how corporate or other events unfold. Communication can be done via Skype, telephone, or direct meeting. Because I attended many corporate events and not only, I’ve come to know venues for organizing events and suppliers across the country. Of course, I also collaborate with advertising agencies, event organizers and team building agencies.
As a conclusion, I’m telling you I like coffee. I am a husband, father and friend, sometimes a bicyclist. I flyfish and I often watch the Netflix series. I can’t wait to meet!