Authentic Professional Photography

Since I started taking pictures, I wanted to offer authentice professional photography services as I did in my wedding photographer’s stories. So, everything I do is different, out of the standard, in a editorial photo style, presenting in a cinematic way what happens at the event you organized. And I speak here of conference photos, presentations of small and large companies, team building and even corporate parties. Of course, the range of professional photography is wide, I am in the wind after experiments, so I am open to any experience in the field. But let me tell you what I do best, and what would be the advantages of your collaboration with me as a professional photographer.

Types of Photography and Approach

Presentation Photos. Suitable for presenting a character, product or service, for craft workshops and companies of various sizes and different organisational cultures. Documentary editorial type, discreet. A number of photos enough to cover the subject in detail, respecting the principles and moments of the story.
Culinary Concept Photos. Conceptual presentation with emphasis on the production of emotions. 3-5 different approaches/concept
Product Photos. Simple or conceptual presentation. Minimum 3 frames/product
Conference Photos. Product releases, services, character introductions, inforsations, debates. Direct editorial approach. Depending on the dynamics of the event, 30-50 photos can be delivered for each hour.
Events Photos. Team Building documentaries or corporate events. Relaxed documentary. The 100 Best Images
Portrait Photos. Editorial relaxed informally. Overhead and minimal indications, destins frame, studio or different locations.
Concert photos. Documentary Editorial. Minimum 100 images.

Customer Benefits | Authentic Professional Photography | ImagineFoto Romania

Planning Session | Consultancy in order to achieve the best documentary photographic material (meeting, phone, Skype)
Confidentiality for Client. Except in cases where I do a photoreportage | Editorial for a printed magazine or online | Personal project or if there is agreement of the customer by contract, the photos will not be used to promote ImagineFoto Romania
♣ Delivery of edited photos in 24/48 hours, prepared for printing but also for the Internet presence available in a protected gallery for 3-6 months.
♣ Possibility to deliver some photos even during the event, for online presence and real-time promotion
♣ Collaboration based on contract, payment of services in 2 bank instalments, before and after the event

Portrait/concept/Product photos can be done in our studio or in the customer’s location (our mobile studio)

If there’s something I haven’t covered, or what you want doesn’t appear on the page, please tell me. For Price offers photos please contact me. I’m an ex-corporate guy, and I respond quickly.