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Welcome to my Professional Photographer Events Conference page. Thank you for your visit and interest. I know you started looking for a professional photographer for your event. The conference that your company will organise in Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara, Brasov, Oradea or another city in Romania. Maybe somewhere in Europe, right? Maybe you’re the manager of a band looking for a concert photographer for the next month’s launch show. Are you in the Human resources field and are organizing a Team Building genre event? or an event organizer and you’re doing a product launch? or an advertising agency and you want to promote in an efficient editorial way an entrepreneur who is at the beginning of the road. Or even you are eager to have a series of original portrait photos for your blog, or even the Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin page. Are you a chef or a passionate in the art of cooking and you need culinary photos to promote yourself and to be a part of your personal branding? Why not?

ImagineFoto Romania

If you find yourself in one of these situations, you’re in the right place, and thank you again. If the situation is different, the better, I like the challenges and the new experiences! Image Photo Romania offers you authentic, editorial, Professional photo services , so what you will get doesn’t resemble what someone else did. Because we’re looking for the only one in any content, and that’s our argument in promotion. In a world not ideal, in which social media is a river of common photos and in which the art of copying is taken to the fullest, I strongly believe in authentic content. All the creative process is based on experience and learning continues at the same pace with the development of competences. Just knowing the rules very well, you can break them through experiment and dedication. Artistic emphasis and personal note, composition and framing in an authentic story bring the value of my photographic projects.